The Xbox 360 Secret

Hey there!

You've probably arrived here because you've been searching for how to play Xbox 360 games for FREE

If that's true, YOUR SEARCH IS OVER!

If not, we're sorry for the inconvenience, and please continue whatever it is that you were previously doing.


If YOU want to play full, newly released Xbox 360 games for FREE, continue reading.

We'll try to make this short and sweet:

Contained in this website are all of the Xbox 360 secrets that Microsoft did NOT want YOU to know.

The guides in this website will teach YOU the most SIMPLE and EASY ways to get your Xbox 360 playing cheap, blank DVDs as full, legit Xbox 360 games.


After reading our guide, we guarantee that you'll effortlessly be able to:

  • Configure your Xbox 360 so that it can play burned, backup games (no mod chip required!)
  • Copy and create your own homemade Xbox 360 games
  • Verify and stealth a game for online play
  • Find full Xbox 360 working game downloads
  • Safely take apart your Xbox 360
  • Identify the drive your Xbox 360 uses
  • And more!

Does the thought of opening or modifying your Xbox 360 scare you?

Are chills sent down your spine at the very thought?


You have NOTHING to worry about!

Our STEP BY STEP guide is so easy to follow that a CAVEMAN could do it.

Note:You must modify your Xbox 360 in order to play back-up games. It is the absolute ONLY way to do it. Any site that tells you otherwise is a blatant scam.

Don't let opening your Xbox 360 scare you, we show you how easy it is!

We'll show you how to successfully make ANY Xbox 360 model play FREE games. We don't care if you've got the Arcade, Pro, Elite, or even the NEW SLIM - if it's an Xbox 360 it CAN play homemade games! :)

We know that you're TIRED of paying a RIDICULOUS $60 for every little game that comes out - that's why we created this website!

The entire purpose of this site is to SAVE YOU MONEY.
EVERYBODY needs money in this economy - NOBODY has $60 to throw away on VIDEO GAMES!

We could have kept these SECRETS to ourselves, and enjoyed ALL the FREE Xbox 360 games without anybody knowing - but we're NOT that selfish!
We want others to benefit off of this amazing discovery.
That's why we're offering these Xbox 360 SECRETS to the public!

We've spent MONTHS figuring out the EASIEST and QUICKEST ways to get an Xbox 360 to play FREE games - so that you don't have to!

We thought that it would be extremely rude of us to make everyone else figure out the frustrating hard way - and that's why we put this site together for YOU. So that YOU can save your precious time and money.

Beware of other sites claiming that they have thousands of games, movies and music for download. They are scams and they are illegal! Do NOT go near them!

We are proud to say that we are 100% legal.

So WHAT are you waiting for?
Are you going to BUY a few more games at $60-$70 before you make up your mind?
Are you going to go visit a few more of those terrible SCAM sites? Go ahead - we'll wait.
Are you going to turn away from FREE Xbox 360 games?

If you answered "Yes" to any of those questions, then either you like wasting time or you've got extra money to spend. Either way, this site may not be for you.

We don't like wasting time OR money.

At first we decided that $59.99 would be a good price for a lifetime membership. After all, the price of one retail game for UNLIMITED games seems more than fair.

However, we decided that in these tough economic times we'd be a bit more frugal and offer up the price of membership for almost half of that - an easy, small, one-time payment of just $34.95 !

Don't miss out on this great deal!


If you still don't think that this is the right site for your Xbox 360 needs, then we invite you to go back to Google and search again for a different site. We just hope that before you get scammed by some other imitator site that you'll come to your senses.

About half the price of a normal retail game, $34.95 gets you an all access, lifetime membership to - it's an amazing deal!

To purchase a membership, CLICK HERE !

UPDATE!: With so many memberships being purchased we may have to increase the price back to $59.99. If too many people are learning the secrets Microsoft may soon find out and fix them. For this reason we may try to LOWER the amount of new users by increasing the price. As such, this $34.95 price should be considered temporary, and may change at any time!
(Existing members will not be charged any extra; your membership fee is a ONE-TIME payment!)

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